Delightful Pain!

"She is having a cup of coffee! She must be relaxed!" Dear someone, Each sip of that cup reminds her by a sweet sorrow has been left by her sweetie,, She seems relaxed but she is injured inside.. She enjoys it tho! It's simply the delightful pain💕


Worthy Joy!

Valentine’s day, Last February Florence, Italy He brought her to their most favorite place in town.. asked for her hand in the middle of the crowd.. she said “no.” She left him broken-hearted.. he stood putting the ring, which he had made a year ago, in his pocket.. looked at the ashamed eyes surrounding him.. … Continue reading Worthy Joy!

Site Info

About The Monitor: This is Sam, I am workaholic, independent, writer, reader, dreamer, motivator, pianist in process, traveler and addicted to coffee/piano/novels/beauty/movies/fitness. About The Site: -You find pictures taking by my modest camera speak out words written by me in Blog. -Books, novels, movies & articles reviews found in the Library. -You can reach me … Continue reading Site Info